Bob Wallet

A Handshake wallet in your browser.

Project details

Bob Wallet Chrome Extension runs a handshake wallet in your web browser and enables DNS resolving through Handshake DNS. It also allows you to manage your Handshake TLDs and transfer HNS tokens.


  1. Refactor the UI and theme.
  2. Integrate multiple account creation and account admin functions.
  3. Integrate Ledger hardware wallet support.

This project required a deep dive into react, redux and chrome extensions—as well as several new APIs which communicate with the handshake blockchain and USB devices.

Tasks included ui+ux design, writing async functions, data mutations and serialization, cross window message passing, building views and layouts, and writing methods for the NODE backend.

ClientBob Wallet
Servicesdesignfullstack developmentAPI integrationhardware integration
Deliverablesfigma prototypeschrome extension dev: react, redux, hsd